šŸ”± [ENG] Stygian Empire - PVP/RP 1x Original Server | The perfect way of living life!

Hi, my name is Kang and Iā€™m working on a new Conan Exile server together with my two employees. Here at Stygian Empire we want to bring new and fresh players to the server, no matter if you are 10 years old or what age you really are. As long as you show maturity, you respect everyone regardless of age or gender, you are more than welcome and start playing with us.

And now we come to the rules. Can we let what we once called common sense again touch our thoughts before we express ourselves? Love, respect, generosity, humility but also understanding where something grandmother always talked about. But I will write down some rules and information about the server that I think everyone should know before you start your adventure.

Stygian Empire is a 1x original server with some changes that we felt improved the game to our liking, the server offers the following:

*No avatars (because grinding 24/7 and oneshotting someones base is not PvP for us)

*Server is newly started. You will have chance to claim good base building spots as the map is practically empty. Decay rate is original.

*Clan size is limited to 5 to prevent zergs. This was done to limit the power of a single clan, as avatars have been disabled.

*More realistic day/night cycle. Nights are shorter than days but they last twice as long. Dawn/dusk has also been lengthened so we can enjoy the beautiful sunrise.

*Casual roleplay. Stygian Empire is mainly a PvP server but some of us like to roleplay in our adventures to create a fun atmosphere and strong community.

*The server has been prepaid 1 year, which means it will not shut down anytime soon like many other private servers.

*Active admins. Our admins are active and will mostly remain invisible. Admin abuse does not exist on this server and will never happen.

*Gathering rate, experience gain rate and all other rates are 1x AKA official server like.

*Server is located in Germany, which brings good ping across all of Europe.

*Double XP weekends may be implemented if the community wants it. These will happen the last weekend of every month if wanted.

Website: Under Construction


Best Regards,
Stygian Empire Staff Team

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cool server I like yes plz

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Just started on this server and all seems to be well so far. loads of places available to build, in fact no clutter anywhere! People seem friendly there too! but its early days given that its a fresh server, I am sure we will have something to fight over soon enough though :smiley:

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Hi, I tried to join, using the provided IP. I got an error, something about Mods. Which Mods do I need to be able to play on this server?