Enhancement Kits & Oils

A quick question froum brothers and sisters.

Q: Do the effects of Enhancement Kits and Oils work in conjunction (ie-do they stack), or will one ‘overwrite’ the other when applied?

For example, if I added an advanced harvesting kit to a Black Blood Sickle, then tried to add an oil of bounty, would the two effects combine, or would the oil replace the kit? I ask because I have not yet experimented with oils, and I dont want to potentially waste Fragments of Power. Anyone?

Don’t stack. You can’t use the oils on modded weapons or tools. But the oils are VERY nice in specific situations.

If you want to use the Oil of Bounty, save a specific tool (unmodded) and take it to the silver mine to collect iron/silver/stone/coal. That or Brimstone/Starmetal.

For everything else, mods are the best bet.


I ever got a meteor shower to happen… :rofl:
Btw. are there mods/methods/settings to change the time it takes to happen? On SP it’s… never basically :smiley:
(sorry for the off topic question)

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Thanks for the answer GodisGood, much appreciated.

This has pretty much already answered my first follow up question. My second one to yourself (or any other members) is equally straight-foward, and concerned with numbers.

Q: Which enhancement will yield more resources out of an Advanced/Master Kit and an Oil? For example, I use a Black Blood Pick, which if memory serves me correctly yields 8-9 stone (unenhanced) per strike. I am wondering which will produce the larger increase out of a Kit and an Oil.

Q: Finally, are these results consistent across other enhancements? For example, which produces more damage, concussive effect out of an Advanced/Master Kit and an Oil?

Im a purely Offline Singleplayer myself rolee9309, so I will try to give you a few tips. There are currently no settings in the Admin Panel which will increase the frequency of their appearance. Although we as a community have ofter requested a manual trigger setting for meteors. As far as mods go Im not certain, as Im a console player (ps4).

You can still get them to appear in Singleplayer, it just takes a long, LOOONNG time! Here is a an excerpt from a post which I usually share with other members such as yourself who are having this issue:

"The spot where we both usually get them to appear, and which I have also seen videos of is an unmarked place on the map which I have tentatively named the ‘The Twins’. They are located in coordinates E,13 on the map(?) if memory serves me correctly. It is the 2 large statues located South-East of The Temple of Frost and overlooking woodlands.

It take a long, and I mean LONG time for them to appear; especially for your first time. Some people have reported 30-40 mins, but for her it was literally 1.5 hrs! But subsequent times dont seem to be quite as bad thereafter. So here is what I would advise. Stock up on food and water supplies and anything you need to crack them open, and park your character on a high ledge or one of the statues themselves, where you will not be constantly harassed by predators. Now literally wait a looong time. Face South overlooking the woods and up towards the horizon, then leave your character stationary and just wait. If you have a portable DVD player, literally watch a film and leave Conan Exiles (with volume on) on in the background. No Im not trolling or being cheeky, this will help pass some time, and let you keep an eye/ear on it in the background. You will literally hear and notice them when they come. Only interact to top you characters food and water up where required, and avoid wandering. Good luck friend, and let us know if you succeed hey."

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It’s complicated. The best I can say is that the Oil’s are technically better, but only under certain situations.

The Oil of Bounty will add +10 harvesting power to whatever tool you place it on. So, your +12 becomes +22, or your +22 becomes +32. Its’ very powerful, but it only lasts for 12 minutes while deployed.

When equipped, the Oil of Bounty starts a timer that counts down from 12:00 minutes. During that time, you can harvest whatever you like for a much larger amount than normal. But after that 12:00 period of time, your tool essentially breaks and needs to be repaired.

The situations this is most useful, is in area’s where there are either rare, or bulk resources you can gather in a short amount of time.

Star Metal would be a good item to use Oil of Bounty on. Crack open the shell, expose the ore. Pull out your tool, pick it a few times. And you have +60 extra ore over what you would normally have, for each star metal node you find. You then unequip the tool so the timer stops counting down. This way, the tool will last you for the duration of your run. You could do it for Brimstone as well, but I feel like there is an awkward amount of running, and swapping the tool on and off. It may not be super efficient… but it will definitely result in a lot of extra brimstone.

My best suggestion, is to use the Oil of Bounty on a tool of your choice. (Black Blood Pick) and go to the silver mine. There you will find a LARGE clump rock early in the dungeon, on the left side. You can hack your way through that and gather a ton of stone… then proceed deeper and do the same thing to Iron and Coal deposits.

Short of things like that, it’s better to just use a regular tool upgrade (and hard worker perk).

Regarding your second question, ALL of the Oil’s are superior to the normal mods, but they come with a timer, that then requires you to use a Legendary Repair kit (or risk accidentally breaking the item) if you are not paying attention.)

I think the +Damage Oil lasts for an hour, or even two. And it gives a substantial boost to the damage of your weapon. It’s actually very nice… but again, situational. As it’s expensive to make, and will require an expensive fix in an hours time use. But the gain you get from it… is negligable in most cases.

My best thought… Maybe fighting the Arena Champion, where putting out extra damage could keep your favorite thrall alive, for example. But again, only works on unmodded weapons.

Oil’s are very situational, and their time varies depending on the oil. I think the shortest Oil is the Oil of Bounty, which lasts for only 12ish minutes.


Yesterday it HAPPENED! With a fatal error following…
And the nodes have disappeared after I restarted the game. Although it happened quite quickly, I beat a frost giant purge in under 10 minutes, before that I knocked out a cimmerian berserker. The whole thing took 20 minutes, and meteorites. BUT. :frowning:
So I’m gonna bring a chair and a pillow and wait.

You mentioned tools break and need to be repaired.
Do they TOTALLY break (to 0 durability)? Because if so you cannot repair if I’m correct.

They do not totally break. When the oil wears off, the tool/weapon is left with a very small amount of durability. (A couple hits or so.)

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I’ve a bit of info to add to what @GodisGood already said about the Oil of Bounty. One thing I’ve noticed is that the oiled tool’s duration is much longer in my singleplayer world than on the official PVE-C servers. I’m guessing there’s some kind of multiplier that you can tweak in the server settings, but I can’t really be arsed to look for it now :wink:

So if you’re playing in singleplayer or on a private server, I would recommend checking the duration you get with the oil. If it’s long enough, it’s much better to use oil than the kit.

What I do on official servers, when I’m harvesting big amounts of something dense enough (like stone in the volcano or wood in the Oasis of Nekhet), is take two Black Blood tools with me. One with a kit, on with the oil. Since the timer doesn’t tick unless you’re wielding the tool, the oiled tool can be used where it’s more beneficial – at the points where you can hit multiple resource nodes with one swing. It takes a lot of practice to learn all the spots and make the whole process efficient, but you can squeeze some additional yield doing that.

For comparison, I can get 20k in 15-20 minutes with kitted tool, whereas the combination of kitted and oiled tools will yield 22k in that same time. Not a huge increase in yield, but it’s nice.

Thanks GodisGood, that was a great and very comprehensive answer. I might try one out on a Black Blood Pick then head up to the Volcano and try to get some additional Goldstone with it. Ill just take out the Momentum perk so that I dont become over burdened by a ton of Obsidian in the process.

And a shoutout to @Codemage too for calling my attention to the additional duration variables. Considering we are a one man workforce, its a nice touch. Cheers to Funcom.

Just a slight correction: Oil of Bounty adds +9 harvesting power and it burns 3 durability per second on default settings when the tool is in use (equipped).

In comparison, the advanced tool upgrade kit adds +3 harvesting power and the durability of the tool is decreased by 25%.

Then the quantity of the resource will depend on your tool (with potential modification kits), your harvest multiplier (obviously) and on the type of resource but the general formula is:

Formula for gathering quantity = ( Harvesting Power + [50% chance of +1] ) x Harvest Amount Multiplier


And the durability loss is (IMHO) tied to gather ratings.
Survival perk2 gives double resource on hit, but also double the amount of durability loss.

Wouldnt be surprised if it is also tied to the General harvest setting.

Also when the oil runs out, your char will un-equip the tool. Like when it is broken, but you still have durability on it.
You really have to equip it again and use it, to really destroy it (durability at 0).

@CodeMage The timer on the tools is affected by: ItemSpoilRateScale=1


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