Entering dragonmouth cave teleport you outside map

When entering Dragonmouth you get teleported far outside the map in the extreme north east far outside where any future maps are planned

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This is as intended for now. The Dragonmouth is actually the way in to the Volcano part of the map.

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Hmm, if this is intended, it seems like pretty bad decision IMO then.

They really should make it warp you back to the desert or something, rather than out of the map, forcing the player to run 10 minutes back towards the green wall of death, just to kill themselves for exploring the map. :confused:

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Removing bracelet makes a wonderfull timesaver in these sticky situations. :smiley:
But… They should have block off that are in the live build before they patched it. I agree.

My friend got teleported out there. He tried to run back and then his character just laid down and died. Kinda… stupid if you ask me.

Devs have a sense of humor…I felt that dragon mouth was the entrance to the volcano even before we were sure that the volcano would exist, so I just am waiting for the release.

Try The High Way.

The high way is where? I admit I have not explored as much of the far north as I wanted to, where you you start?

I have it shown in the screenshots, the bottom one. I went through the harpy caves to get there. They’re directly south of The High Way, they have bonfires out front. You can climb up to it from the west though, coming from the Road of the Pilgrim, which also leads into the volcano area.

Harpies, do you mean the bat creatures? Never thought of them as harpies though. You mean the series of three or four caves on the northeastern mountain range?

Nah not the bats you find in the desert, these look similar but have feathers. Though they ‘do’ yield bat hides.
Yes, that series of caves. In the final cave I climbed out a large hole in the ceiling.

Ah I clicked on your picture and see where you are referring to, I have never found that cave yet.

Last time I climbed out of that hole I was fenced to death, did that change?

Perhaps. The wall of death is very close, but it’s east of the hole. The High Way is north. There’s also a blue dragon in front of The High Way.

There’s no exit if you enter the volcano though, you might want to wait for full release. It was interesting to check out though.

Thanks I probably will since it releases in a few hours.