Killed by the boundry wall upon entering a cave into the volcano area


Platform: PC
Game mode:Private Testlive
Version: 94750/17645

Went through a cave East of Temple of Frost, and North of Flamemist Camp. This cave teleported our party of three into the volcano, but immediately killed us upon entering stating we had been killed by the wall. So trying to retrieve the bodies through admin mode (I.E. God mode, and teleport) I died again… The bodies are completely irretrievable. So… The hell?

I went through a cave to the volcano and died too. It said I entered “The Flow” or some such location. Then it said I was killed by the wall.

I play single player and loaded the most recent backup.

If this is the same issue as the one mentioned in the “Dragnmouth glitch” post, then apparently it’s intentional.

Oh please…
We were warned that there would be many glitches on pre-release as the launch day approached. Once the game is launched you won’t be killed for going into the volcano. Also all your equipment and building are going to be taken away and everyone will start anew.


Are you in the bug report section complaining about people reporting apparent bugs?
I fail to see the logic in this.

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All our equipment will be taken away and everyone will start anew - but the same bugs will still exist unless they are found, reported, and fixed. This is the forum that exists for that purpose. The teleport probably should not be working until the barrier is down (if that teleport is even supposed to exist at all!)

The purpose of the Early Release was for people to help discover those very glitches and report them. To talk down to people for doing what the developers created this very forum for is past asinine.

False. The only reason that Cursewall is there is that the Volcano isn’t released yet. Upon release the wall will be gone, and that cave (as well as Dragonsmouth) will function as intended…access to the volcano.

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Until the recent patches, entering the cave in question, nothing happened. Right now until the Volcano is opened up to us, it is best if you do not enter the Dragons Mouth. You will be teleported to an area of the desert to the Northeast off the map. As everyone has mentioned, unless you have admin rights and can teleport back to the current map, you will lose our gear.

I was reporting something I saw as a bug, as it shouldn’t teleport you in the first place, maybe an invisible wall, or some other deterrent, but this is the bug report section and that’s what I’m trying to do, perhaps I was a little angry, but I -did- lose all my stuff upon entering the cave without warning, at least with the wall you can see it and avoid it, I just thought the cave was yet another little cave.

I just entered the volcano via “The High Way” entrance. There’s a floating chest and floating obelisk. Otherwise it’s vast emptiness. Also some enemies and NPCs but no other structures.

The chest had gold and silver coins in it.
I attuned to the obelisk but I had to jump to reach it.

I don’t recommend coming here… My thrall glitched out on a slope and died. Also, I can’t get out alive.