Dragonmouth ported me to the desert on the far eastern edge of the map

I was exploring the area north and decided to travel through the Dragonmouth cave. It ported me to a desert area I at first assumed was the starting area of the game until I looked at the map. Instead I found it ported me to the far eastern edge of the map parallel to the new Volcano zone. I ran all the way towards the border but was unable to pass back to the game border barriers without dying.

Somedays are like Mundays!

Happend to me right now as well.
29. of April 12:49!

Same for me yesterday, lost all my stuff … :cry:

I saw another similar post regarding this, to which a mod had replied that ‘this is by design, as this is meant to be the entrance to the volcano’… Which to me is stupid… Block it off for now if its going to be doing that!! >_<

Just had the same thing happen to myself and two other clan members.
I get that it’s not supposed to let you into a region that’s not coming out until after launch. I didn’t even realise that cave was a dungeon or anything. Just went in there and was immediately teleported to this no-man’s land outside the ghost barrier. No way to get back to base and lost everything I’d looted and carried.

Surely it could be set for us to spawn somewhere within map boundaries/bedroll? I get not wanting people to abuse it as a teleportation tool or not wanting us to access a locked area… but that was the dumbest and most game-breaking solution I’ve ever seen. Just a warning would have sufficed!

Send us to the Desert, not the Cornfield. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like your cornfield reference but am I dating myself a bit then?

IMHO, The Twilight Zone is immortal and timeless.

Especially MR Mummy, I remember him from Lost in Space…ta dah my age is showing, I saw that show when it was NEW!!!