Dragonmouth glitch

Platform: PC
Game mode: Official 426
Problem: Bug

Entered Dragonmouth in the extreme north, and was teleported to a location off the known map, far to the east of the bounded world. There appears to be a discontinuity in the map at this location.

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This is by design until the Volcano is released (yes, they have a sense of humor).


I don’t consider it very funny to lose all my equipment for no good reason. Guess they don’t want people playing their game, eh?

I just stumbled upon this. It was interesting however it cost me some good gear. If you are curios about what it looks like where you are teleported and you do not want to loose your gear I put up a pic heavy post in our Forum. I did not want to junk up this thread with pics so if you want a look they can be found here.
BTW Sorry about quality loss of Pics when they were resized. Apparently I will never make a living with photoshop!

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One good thing is that you can harvest some materials from the snakeman and animals there, also if you’re an admin you can ghost through the surface and find the obsidian recipies and the forge to make them. I didn’t used the forge but I could craft the obsidian tools from the blacksmith :wink:

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Oh you cheater you…heh heh