Entire building gone foundations and all

So me an my friend have had a private server for several months. I’ve build multiple structures and she build herself a castle. We both haven’t been playing for a few weeks and I just got back on to see that her entire castle and a structure I was build were completely gone. All the structures I built previously are all still there but hers and what I was working on completely vanished. Other than some lights that are now just floating mid air. We have pets that were inside and now are swimming in the water where the castle used to be. We have the decay system turned off, but note only the newest structures were effected. I’ve read that it might be an issue that occurs when the game updates. If that is the case are we just SOL or is there a way to actually get that stuff back. We had the alters in the castle and they are still showing in the area but are nowhere to be found. It’s like something came stole the entire structure and just left the lights where we left them. I thought it might just need to load in but that is not the case at all.

If its your server the only way to get it back is if you did a backup on your server. I do backups on my server every few days.

Ty that’s what I thought might fix it, unfortunately we didn’t back it up. Ty for letting me know.

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