Entire server wiped after this morning's update

Game mode: [Online, PvE, private rented server, “The Last Exiles” ]
Problem: [ entire server wipe]
Region: [North America ]

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Two of our players were on this morning and got kicked for an update. When the server was back up, and they logged in, everything was gone, the entire server is wiped. Please explain how this could happen? We all got together and renter a server so something like this would not happen. How can an update erase everything? This is not professional at all. Aren’t all our servers backup in the East US Cloud? I need a resolution to tell all my people on my server. They’ve already paid me for the next month, so how do we let this wipe and not find a resolution? Please advise.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. None. After update this morning, the entire server was wiped.

It may have been the owner of the server who wiped server to allow for fresh build using Khitan update.

I am the owner of the server. I even went into my past saves and nothing. Everything is gone.

I read on reddit that you can raise a ticket with g-portal.com. I don’t think devs support server wipes on here

That’s the first thing I did was open a ticket. They instructed me to go through the previous save games but it was all wiped. Funcom DLC patch jacked it up.

If it would be Funcoms fault it would affect officials aswell. It’s your own fault supporting a hosting company, by renting a server there, that is known as the most incompetent one around the globe

I dont know if you have found a fix yet, but I can tell you on our rented server we had this same issue happen a few times. It turned out that turning off the abandonment setting stopped it from happening. What we found was happening was who ever logged in first for what ever the reason triggered the abandonment system and it wiped everything. Hope that helps