Eryn Kor RP server

Welcome to the village of Eryn Kor, exile. You’ve wandered here through luck, or someone pointed you, but either way you’re here. We’re all here for a reason and let’s be honest, you’re either lucky or cursed depending on how you see it. Most people die from starvation or worse. As you can see here, a small number of us have banded together for survival, we even thrive here in Eryn Kor. The land is still as unforgiving, but perhaps one day with a little luck and alot of hard work it can become more of a refuge for outcasts, and less of a prison.

-Excerpt of a speech given in Eryn Kor

The exiled lands are vast and full of danger. A lost civilization of giants, lemurians, and their vast armies of warriors and slaves are all dead or worse. The sorceries used to wage war ultimately destroyed them all and scoured almost all life from inside the barrier. Decades have past, and anything that once lived has been forgotten. The sorcerous energies that pervade the lands have killed many, and even changed some. No one knows exactly what causes this or why, as the secrets died with the ones who used the foul rituals to summon them in the first place.

Now the sandstorms, exiles, along with horrors and wonderous things roam the land. Some have banded together for survival, others take what they want by force. While there is no true civilization in these lands many see the possibility of one, and work tirelessly to tame the wild things here to that end. The path you choose has always had consequences. What mark will you leave upon them?

Eryn Kor is a land of conflict and strife. Both the brutality of exiled life, along with the political intrigue of the factions who have joined together for survival and ultimately to make a home leaves these lands at a chaotic moment in it’s history. As the era of the Giant Kings, along with their war at an end, some seeks to scrape a life, others seek to reestablish some sort of civilization.

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