ESAV Gaming Thrall Patrol has vanished from my computer

I played the game this morning and logged off for lunch everything fine. Logged on again this evening and my mod ESAV Gaming Thrall Patrol has disappeared - not on game not in mods just vanished. Steam says ‘sorry there is an error’ when I try to question the mods pages for this.
Please can someone advise ???

Thank you

@KorgFoehammer is the mod author. I see he is no longer in the modding discord. It will not be their first time to pull the plug on their mods without any announcement which might explain the error you are getting. Even though some heads-up would have been nice, modders are entitled to do whatever they please with their creations.

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Seems that there is a new version of it …

Guess follow up is in order.
I have been developing To Thrall Recall for over a month now, and have been updating the discord almost every day on that development.
I have been talking to the people there, and discussing the new systems, the new updated UI, etc.
And all this time I have been saying that as the new mod is not compatible with the older, I would start a new one and replace the old one with it.
And For 2 weeks I have told people I would pull the old one when the new one had the functionalities of the old one.
The thing is: I concentrate the report on the discord, because it is easier to direct everything in one place.
So it is there that I report. And I used to report on development everyday until the mod was ready.
It also remained for weeks on a friends-only visibility the new while in development, and my friends on steam could use it.
Same is happening with most of my mods as I am using a new component in all of them.
As I did with the customization mod.
It is all well talked about in the discord, and I am always there.

While my work on mods is merely for fun, and the primary objective is make things for my own satisfaction, I do face the work in it like I do my regular work. I am a professional developer and I have worked for a lot of known names in the industry, like Motorola, Ford, etc. I used to develop applications for industrial robotics.
So I have project designs, goals, and all those pesky things many even professional developers dont, as it seems by the state WoW appears to be in. (lol)
Anyways, I have been talking to the people who join my discord consistently almost everyday, and even use an intermittent channel called Dev Talks, in which I update anyone who will listen on what I am doing, why I am doing, and the project status.
There is right now the diagrams and the ideas, and concepts for the development of the vehicle system I am to introduce, and how it works, and why it works the way it does, and why I am doing it apart instead of just using the mount system.
No one must be taken by surprise when the mod to introduce it changes as well.

What you have to take into consideration is that while I do have a patreon, and a YouTube channel, neither are that heavy on my income or popularity, so I dont really mind going around looking for people to join either. People who use my mods have the choice to follow up on their development or not, and they are the ones fully in charge of doing so.

It is just join there.
See you … in there …

As for the reporting on the development of To Thrall Recall:

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Apologies for my assumption. Good to know that you are available on discord for those who are interested in your mods.

Thanks for all your help folks - I did try Discord and got no answers until * tried a member direct approach - good to know that there might be a replacement and I have subscribed to it and will see how it goes.
Again - many thanks

Well — Thrall recall is the new one and I have got it installed. The mechanism for controlling thralls has been made complicated beyond reason and I have yet to get any of it working. As usual there are no instructions so I guess Discord may carry some. We will see but at least I have sometthing to work on. Why change what was a perefectly good system though - shame.

That exact question has an answer in the Discord, in the FAQ channel, that is there for more than month now.
And I do have folks with me there that have been chatting, asking, receiving answers, and talking with me directly.
I have no problems in talking to the users in the Discord, and everyone can reach me as simply as going there and asking.
There were no one who wasnt answered in at least 12 hours.
The reason why I might not be there in some times of the day is also in the FAQ channel.
More than that, you are welcome to try any of the other mods that accomplish the same feature and if you are happier with any of them, I am also happy you might find one that suits your needs better.
I changed mine according to my own use and according to the feedback of those who care enough to GO THERE and give some.

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Sorry - don’t get me wrong - I love the look of the mod and I really appreciate the work. Trouble is that kit doesn’ty work. A simple step-by-step instruction on how to get the guards moving would be so highly appreciated. I am fully aware you amake this mod for yourself and you are kind enough to publish it but please - a little hel;p would be nice to start with. As for discord giving answers - I have yet to find any. Sorry

And havent you went to the discord and simply asked me ?

This is a copy of my Welcome channel in the discord:

And not longer than 5 minutes before I wrote this post, I was talking to someone who just joined the discord and asked me about that mod.

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