EU official PVE server 1300 logging problem

Can not relog to the server I am playing for a week .I am stuck on loading screen seeing the tips for game play and listening to music .I have to kill the client to get out of there .I can log in to other servers withut any problem .So there must be a problem with the server definetly .
Need some help pls about the matter.
Thanks in advance.


Hey, I am from #1300 too, doesn’t load for me neither.

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1305 the same problem. But it seems like character is loaded ( can hear sounds of opening inventory/map), but the loading screen does not disappear.

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Yeah-yeah, the same situation. Seems like this is a global problem.

1 Like I used this link to use the new report server tool .I do suggest the same to you .

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Done. I hope I will be able to play the game today.

#1307 the same problem. Seems like it´s only the #13xx Servers that are showing that prob…

Agreed, my friend just launched his computer and he cannot connect to #1300’s server too.

But he connected to #1028 without any problems.


use the report tool m8 ,the link is above

The problem still persists.

Hi there,

So I had reported this issue to the developers earlier today. Some people have been able to get into the server lately. Can you all please try again? If it does not work still, please feel free to let me know.

Just for u To notice!!!

#1305 infinity loading

Fix it please, restart server. Or something…

[in regards to server 1302. User Mashmellow merged topic and added relevant text to this post]

I am able to enter 1300 again .Thank you .

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