Load screen bug (online game server 1215 pve) i can easy join orther servers

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Online on server 1215 PVE EU
i died and could not release my buddy
i had no choice but to close the the game
after i closed the game i could not rejoin the server
im stuck in load screan no game crash just stuck
i can log into orther servers with out a issue
so pretty sure my char is bugged

ingame name is shrekken

Plz help me with this fast

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.unstuck myabe dont know

forgot to say its eu servers my bad

so after 2 hours im still stuck and no reply’s from support lovely come on reackt please

Identical bug with Official server #1304 PvE-Conflict

Steps taken:
-verified local files in Steam
-Made single player game. Check!
-Joined other server. Check!
-Retried joining 1304. Failure.

During loading screen I can hear specific game sounds that are related to menus. If I press I, J or Esc, I can hear the specific menu sound related to that button and action. But I cannot enter the game.

Around my character is lots of settlement, dozens of thralls and items. My game is installed to normal hd, not SSD. I have 8gb ram, i5 and GTX 1070 (8gb).

I have the same problem with server #1214 PvE-Conflict and did the same steps nothig work i can hear the wind and can press escepe i can hear the menü poping up but its stuck in the loding screen

server has been reset and works again thz support

#1304 is still unaccessible

I will move the game to SSD, verify and lower details to medium and retry and report results by editing this message.

Edit: I was able to login tonight after 6 hours. I moved game to SSD and lowered details to medium.
When I logged in my character experienced a MASSIVE stone block dismantle effect as if 3-4 sandstone foundation blocks had collapsed on me. Nothing in the base was broken however. I can not find explanation to this effect.

Other than that I noticed that this game loaded all objects at once on SSD. On normal HD the game required like 30 seconds to fully render my base, structures, wheel of pain, thralls and so on. On SSD the delay was insignificant.

My only conclusion so far is that the game experiences a huge load of processing when player logs in. If this load>the capacity of some aspects = stuck on screen. I will keep testing this by logging inside and outside of base in turns to see if I can replicate issue.

My game is on SSD i have put all grafick on low and still dosend work its server sided

1300 PVE same problem

Same for PvE # 1214

Managed to login now to 1304. I edited my response above.