[EU/PvP/dbd] Savage Wild lightly modded

Gportal server located in frankfurt, 40 slots.

Lightly modded:


[steam://connect/](Connect via steam)

The collection contains new building type variants, harsher weather, automated resources from/with thralls and couple of cosmetic mods (fashonista and ra visual tweaks). It also contains pippi, dungeon master tools and basements (basements are “dimensional rooms” that can only be accessed from a certain trapdoor based 3x3 building.

For now the server is set to pvp with dynamic building damage set to 15 minutes, no offline raid window, purges between 18.00 and 00.00 CET and from 12.00 in the weekends. Purges have been boosted two points.

Friendly fire is set at 100%, meaning friends or foe deal the same manage, to improve fighthing skills and enhance the experience.

Avatars are disabled. All experience and gathering rate settings are set to 2. Thrall and pets domestication is set to a quarter from vanilla settings