EU servers can't log fix it already

Idk what’s happening but a lot of players are not able to see or log on a lot of european servers i only can see 15 servers, what’s going on? this happen already and it got fixed with an uptdated , this issue is coming already around 2 weeks and is not fixed yet. How much do i need to wait for it?

I’m having the exact same issue, I’m able to connect to my friend’s server through steam overlay option join game, but I can find only 15 or so servers in the lobby, all of them not very populated

Make sure to disable all filtres, set search on internet, and all to “all”.

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Thats not any problem of filters XDD it happen to more ppl from my clan they cant also see the server.

In that screenshot u can see all the servers i can see from europe xdddd

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