European testlive servers not updated

Ill get version error if trying to connect, US servers work fine

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Still not working, and our base is decayd so next time we have something to test we have to start all over again making testing slower again…


… for whatever reason the decay timer on these servers is set to only 6 days, instead of the 7 like on vanilla :confounded: :expressionless:

They are still in wrong version, can you help @Ignasi ?

Hey @Qrizz,

Ignasis has answered this question over Discord and I’ve left a notice on my unofficial thread here:

I can finally log in.
Seems my testlive client had wierd bug, all 11 days it shows that Euro servers are wrong version even i could play the US servers.
And now that i can log in someone ingame told they have been played all the time.
Wierd even i had verified my files in steam… i just don’t get this bug XD
Base and thralls are gone from us … at least that worked…


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