Every NPC stopped attacking after the 06.01.2021 update?

Game mode: [Online private]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PVE-Conflict (Hosted by G-Portal)]
Region: [Europe (hosted in frankfurt)]

So far the only Npc/creature out of all the ones that i’ve tried it on in the game, Only the Giant Crocodile near the pond in G4, will use any moves to attack players, and that is only the Tripple-tail-swipe, However it will only do it once if at all. before it just spins in place to make deep eye-contact with the player.

Sadly I have no idea what-so-ever what cause this. restarted my server one day due to a mod being upgraded, and nothing has attacked ever since.
I’ve tried disabling all the mods we have on the server that has been updated, none of the mods we use affects NPC’s in the world. and the ones that might, we’ve tried disabling it. but the problem still occurs.

I’m not sure if i’m one of the very few that has this problem or not.

It is probably a mod with custom weapon animations/combos. If you are using g-portal server, make sure that the disabled mods are not loaded on the server. You can verify whether they are loaded on not in the server logs and/or the modlist.txt

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Thank you, I’ll give that a try first thing in the morning and then get back to you!

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