Every time i load up my game it crashes in about 5 to 10 minutes and gives me the fatal error tab but no reason as to why the error occurred in the first place

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***single player
Game pass on pc

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*** game crashes after i load into the main menu

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*** no

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I’m having same problem for 2 days now, installed fresh windows, steam and conan… still crashing


idk mine is off of the game pass on my pc i just recently reinstalled it but it still crashes gives me the fatal error and then gives me the option to send feedback it never did this until the new event update. hopefully it gets fixed.

Did you all check the other 10 threads about Xbox game pass crashing after the latest windows update. It may help you as well.

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This is in the PC section so you may want to check the log files, that’s usually the first place i go for such troubles.

I just found this thread in another game forum. It may help if you are running nVidia, if not…it probably won’t. Just thought I would try to help:

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thx ill see if any of it fixes my problem. Again thx for the info.

Oh no problem. Not sure it will help but I hope it does.

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