Game crash after minutes

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Bug Description: i open the game with a fatal error messagem, play for some minutes and he crash

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With this much information, we can only answer “ok”. It doesn’t crash for me. Try filling up that template and providing some more info regarding you specs.

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Hi @Criador

As @Narelle mentioned, we will need more information regarding this issue and your PC set-up in order to look into it further.

It seems like a widespread problem with the Gamepass version - you fire it up, and it crashes with a “Fatal Error!”. There’s not really much more to it than that.

Did you remove the Windows update which was causing issues with GamePass? People have reported in the other thread that it resolved the issue for them.

I did see that uninstalling Windows update KB5008212 apparently fixes the issue, however that update has been replaced with KB5009542. I was able to roll back 9542 and then attempted to uninstall 8212 but I got a 0x800f0905 error from the uninstall process (both via windows update and the command prompt)


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