Every Volcano NPC, Thrall and enemy are GONE since latest patch! Many other enemies missing on map

Game mode: [Offline | Singleplayer]
Problem: [Missing NPC’s/Enemies | Bug | Performance | Misc]

So Im playing offline on the PS4 in singleplayer.
I already did a post about NPC’s not loading in Sepermeru the other day. But as Im going around the map more and more, I’m finding more and more NPC’s, Thralls, Enemies, Bosses etc just not loading in at all.

For example the mini boss in Xalthar’s Refuge Aridis, Chosen of Sobek did not spawn within the cave, as well as any of the other Thralls immediately around him. Most of the other enemies around the outer areas of the cave were there icluding the crocodiles and some of the Disciples of Sobek.
I’ve also noticed most of the Rhino’s that populate the Crowngrove are gone. There used to be 4 different groups of Rhino’s, with about 3-4 Rhino’s in each group with a Rhino calf or two.
Now there might be one rhino and a calf, or just a calf in these 4 areas. The one Black Rhino is still there as usual on the eastern side of the Oasis of Nekhet with one other rhino. Whereas there used to be at least 3 regular rhino’s with that black rhino and a rhino calf or two.
Ive noticed spots near The Sentinals statue bases that used to have several groups of Hyena’s with some pups around a few antelope carcasses. Now they are all gone.
And then finally I went up to the Volcano to farm and explore and found the entire area void of any thralls, merchant NPC’s, or enemies. All gone. I reloaded the game, I left the area and came back. Nothing.
There is no signs of any thralls npc’s etc showing up.
As I have been slowly going around the map I’m finding more and more enemies, thralls, npc’s etc that are no longer showing up.
This has all been since the latest patch. I’m sure there are going to be more as I continue to go around the map, but I figured I need to say something when I found the entire volcano void of any life.

Hopefully this can be resolved sooner than later. It’s pretty weird finding areas so vacant of life.

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Im just going to keep adding things that I am finding missing as I explore the map.
So after finding the Volcano having no NPC’s, Thralls or enemies, I decided to go to the Mounds of the Dead to farm Star Metal and maybe some Thralls.
When I got up there, I found that the entire Stargazer’s Crest is missing. Not only are the thralls gone, but all the items that were there, the fire, the chest, the small tent/shelters, the barricades, etc. Everything is gone. Not sure if this was intentionally removed or not.
I also noticed that most of the rams that used spawn along Skyfall Ridge are not there. There used to be at least 4-6 rams spread out along the ridge, if not more. Today I found I found one and only one seems to respawn there now.
More and more as I am exploring I am finding areas having less creatures than there were before this post mount parity patch.
Not sure if anyone else is finding these things missing on online PVE,PVP, PVP-C or Private servers.
I am once again playing single player offline on PS4.

Reinstall the game most of the time helps.

Join the “Already Quitted Conan Club Since Movement Patch Club”.

I play on Xbox, but when I’ve played single player I have seen some weird things like missing NPCs in areas. However, I found if I waited a few minutes and stuck around the area, the would start spawning in. I’m guessing it all has to do with how they load and unload chunks of the map based on where you are in the world (and it’s definitely a lot more restrictive in single player than it is with a “real” server online).

Unfortunately, there are quite a few things that are either outright broken in single player, or just wonky due to the nature of how it has to work with limited resources when running both the server and client on the console.

Yeah I’m trying that now. Thanks for the
Hope it works.

Well I’ve waited at times over an hour, I left the areas then came back to reload. Restarted game. But these npc’s, thralls and enemies are still gone. As of now these are all permanent issues that started only since the patch. I’ve had loading issue’s before but not like this.
I played PVP and PVE-C prior to playing single player and never had these kind of discrepancies between the different modes. It wasn’t like this after the mounts were added. Even with all the freezing and resolution problems, all the NPC’s. Thralls and enemies would still load in.
I would have thought the mounts patch would’ve been harder on the game.
I mean it’s so bad, half of Sepermeru’s NPC’s are completely missing. The other half appear as normal.
In any case I’m doing full reinstall right now and hoping for the best.

Well just re-installed entire game and nothing has changed at all.
All the thralls,npc’s and enemies are gone in the Volcano.
Half of Speremeru’s NPC"s and thralls are missing.
And all the enemies throughout the map that I have found to me either missing or in lower numbers are still the same.

Is anyone else who is has a character made on their singleplayer account on PS4 noticing similar issues?

I wish i could verify your problems, but no, to my game i have none of this issues. I play ps4, EU. I play pve, pvp and solo sometimes, yes i know i have issues :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I feel you dude, i really do. I am addicted to this game and if something doesn’t work i cannot control my anger. In your case, so many things… NO WAY. I would broke my controller. I hope you find solutions to your problems, i really do. Last but not least and i don’t know if this will help, but when i had crush problems to the game and i couldn’t play solo anymore, for some reason i can’t explain, i started play online. By miracle the game stopped crashing. I hope you take my hint and you will have the same results :pray::+1:. Good luck.

Well I started a new game with a different psn account, since we can only have one offline character per psn account.
All the things missing on my main character that I’ve listed in this post are where they should be in that new game. Nothing is missing.
So for whatever reason my main character’s game and world is bugged all on it’s own.
I certainly hope this can be repaired. The main reason I started playing offline single player was so I wouldn’t lose hours of building to other player in PVP, Or have areas and enemies blocked off because of players building over everything in PVE.
So here I am in single player in offline mode to avoid other players affecting my gaming experience, and yet I’m getting aspects of the game being stripped away due to patch updates that affect only my character and game account.

Hello @Keokisun, thank you for reaching out!

It’s possible that something is wrong with the savegame/database as this is not a common occurrence, which could happen due to disk errors or game crashes, for example. Should that be the case, it won’t be solvable by patching, only by restoring an earlier save or starting a new game.

In any case, we’ll register your current findings to your previous report.

Well I am on ps4. Is restoring to specific earlier save points even possible?
I was having continuous game freezing and crashes prior to the post mount patch, and did have a few data corruption issues. However they were handled automatically by my ps4, and would just start me up prior to the corruption( Im assuming) As I would just reload and play as normal. With everything intact prior to the crash. There were no permanent issues of missing npcs thrall and enemies even after those corruption issues.
Why would it be a problem now after the patch?
Does that really mean all the time I put into my building, leveling and progression is now stuck in the state Im in now with all these missing npcs, thralls and enemies?
One of the reasons I stopped playing online was I was tired of losing my buildings to other players in PVP and then to decay when on PVE.
All I want is to be able to build upon the map at my own pace and KEEP IT, without anything being able to destroy it. Besides the in game things like the purge. So I was happy to just go offline into single player.
If my single player game is truly ruined because of this glitch, it’ll be the 4th restart Ive done in this game that has lost me hours upon hours of time. I went into single player so I can KEEP MY BUILDINGS and not waste my time. And now it seems that is also impossible. I have an amazing base made right now that came together by sheer luck (it centered on a structure so perfectly and lined up so well) I will not be able to remake it. Even if I just do Admin and make everything. The structures I made are incredibly complex. And it took hours upon hours to get together and make. I really hope I don’t have to restart AGAIN!
I do love being able to build in this game, that’s why I want to play, but I do not like having to rebuild over and over and over. Hence quitting online play altogether. But if I can just lose my progress even in single player offline, I’m at a loss as to how to play this game from here on.

Initialize PS4… Not recommended at all. All saved data are gone (if not in cloud) and all profiles has to “recover” on the PS4.

But (like me and I don’t care and) almost always when I did this when Conan comes with an update/patch, this creates the most stable Conan game for me besides the bugs.

Remember, all data will be lost.

As a provisory measure we’d suggest backing up your saves periodically to a pendrive as this issue has occured to you a few times already.

Hmm not familiar with using a pendrive. Would that just keep a savefile of Conan Exiles? And then would I just upload it to my PS4 and it would replace the current savefile?
If anything maybe putting something in the game that allows us console players to make and save multiple save files so we are able to have back ups in game. Most other rpg games do this on console. Dark Souls,
Elder Scrolls etc…

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You may refer to Sony’s guide for managing saved data on how to perform this sort of backup.

Regarding multiple save slots, we’ll be sure to register your feedback for future consideration by the developers.

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