Everything on screen is too big. Cant zoom out enough

I have a 32inch monitor. Capped at the highest res 1900x700 i think it is. Zoomed out as far as It will let me. Still, the icons and units on the screen are so big. Only can see a small portion of the screen at a time. Is there a fix for this? Or is that just how the game is? If so then I just wasted $40 because I can’t play it like that.

Hey @Richevsky,

Now without being able to see what you are seeing, Here are a few blind suggestions:

  • If you go to Options - > Game, you can check the “Enable increased camera zoom out”. NOTE however that this might affect your performance if your playing on a low spec machine

  • If you go to Options - > Graphics un-check “Windowed” or “Full Screen Borderless Window” and this will give you the ability to pick a different video resolution that might play better on your screen.