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Official server #1878 PvP-g_portal.us

If you find my stuff that would be really nice. :slight_smile:

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1.I had just reset up may girl and made sweet Guardian armor with all the scraps upgraded my silent legion sword and star metal tools dyed it all and logged off a few hours later I logged in to show off all the work I had done to my wife and online friends and its gone the log says I froze and died in my base next to the fire place while I was off line !! So yeah Iam sad.

This games is really fun and unique THE BUGS ARE REALLY NOT !

  1. When a NPC dies they will fall into the ground and can not be found.

  2. the level 3 barrier has over 10,000 health but my name barriers has only a bit over 5,000 health ?? that’s not right just not.

  3. Animal thralls almost always die befor I can get them leveled and can’t use any armor or weapons kinda making them useless .

  4. The frost giant thrall cant use any armor or weapons making him as weak or weaker then the animal thralls.


Uugh, I’ve had this happen many times before. :frowning: The best thing to do when you are done playing is to take off all of your gear, open a chest, and select Give All* to put it all in the chest. This way, if you die of a temperature glitch, you will not lose all of your items like this. Feels like doing this shouldn’t have to be necessary, but it’s a small annoyance compared to the disappointment of losing expensive gear.

*Also, I say to use the Give All option because there is a new bug that’s been happening for the last month or two where sometimes items will turn invisible in your inventory and you can’t see that they are still on your character, still in a chest, or even still in a lootbag on the ground. By using the Give All and Take All options, you can help to ensure that you pick up or put away everything even if some items have turned invisible. (This is especially important if you are trading items with another player.)

If you have any doubts that you have looted or put away everything logout and back into the server again, and that should force the server to refresh your inventory making any invisible items visible again.

Yeah this is very frustrating, especially since it’s been going on for so long. I’m sure you already know this, but logging out and in again (if you have a fast SSD) or running out of render distance and back (if you experience long load times) will cause them to reappear.

I believe this bug has already been reported. For now though, I’ve been keeping all my T4 bearers in a chest until after this bug has been fixed.


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