Lost almost everything

Game mode: [Online private, modded]
Type of issue: [Bug]
Server type: [PvE]
Region: [EU]
Map: [Siptah]

As of yesterday, everything we had on our private server vanished. ALL bases and everything else we placed anywhere else on the map.
Additionally, our clan has been disbanded.

The only thing we still have is our characters and their personal equipment.

The player who reported this had his character die due to hunger on Thursday in the evening (European time) and logged off a few minutes after that. On the next day when he logged in, everything was gone.

The Event Log notes the death of the character and the restart of the server on the next morning, but nothing else.

Decay is switched off.

Server owner is not very experienced yet, thus we have yet to try a restart with an older save…

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. I have no idea how this could be reproduced

We had the same issue on our server also modded but old map, we kept all our stuff that we had on us but no clan or bases , log showed nothing about bases decaying. When i logged in i was inside the vangoul faction hall which is not the faction i had and i was male.

Only way i could fix this was to restore a day old back up but now sometimes when i log in just my base is gone this seems to happen every 2days to the first person that logs in that day.

Is your server with gportal ?

Which mods are you using and what is your mod order ?

Yes, the server is hosted at G-Portal.

Mods are:

Kerozard’s Paragon Levelling (kept up to date by Multigun)
Shadows of Skelos 2
Shadows of Skelos Extended

They should be in the order shown above.

Interesting the only mod we have is the paragon level mod which should not change anything to do with buildings.

I was hoping you would have similar mods to us so we could narrow it down a bit but im stumped now, i will do some more testing maybe changing the position of the leveling mod is worth trying.

I wonder if something is corrupting the database somehow. How long has the server been online ?

Has anyone performed a database cleanup of some sorts?

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Our server has been online for less then 120 days.

And I do not believe that the database has been cleaned up.

The admin managed to restart the server with an old save, from January 7, because all other saves have already been overwritten with ‘vanished-base’-saves.
BUT(!) even with this old save, our clan is still disbanded, meaning we do not have any access to our own buildings and thralls!
How can that happen, that this old save does not restore clan membership?

My only guess is that your private server admin did something to cause this, pressed the wrong button, executed the wrong script, the database got somehow corrupted or it was g-portal that did something. If these are all the mods you are running, it shouldn’t be a mod issue because these are some very commonly used mods and I have not heard of anyone else that has a similar issue.


I am very sure that this admin did not change anything after setting up the server (with my help), I am 100% sure that he did not use any scripts.
G-Portal told him to restart the server with an older save, something that I had told him already and had to advise him on how to do it…

The question remains: How can this old save not have our clanmembership? If we had lost it on January 7th, we should have noticed in the time up to the 27th…

Yes, but what is this “somehow”? I have absolutely no idea.

Additional info: I was able to enter the server myself again, and I am still within the clan. Luckily I am an officer and thus can invite the others, but the clan will not have a leader again.

Most peculiar: In the serverbrowser, the age of the server is now 1 :worried:

Another thing: That savegame with the date of January 7th contained data of up to January 28th :open_mouth:

Is it possible that a faulty HDD on the hosting machine causes this?

@Ignasi ?

I have something for you to try , turn off the server and wait 5 mins to make sure its fully shut down before you try this.
On the back ups tab on gportal create a new back up.

Now using and ftp program and the details on the gportal page connect to the ftp
You should have a file in the server called Game_build_267422_1.db this is the back up made when the 6th of jan patch came out, rename it to Game.db replacing the original game.db file.
Start the server and hope for the best.

I still have no clue as to why this happened to us or you but it seemed to solve the isues for me upto now anyway

If the server is back to normal as in you have clans and bases turn off the server again and make a new back up on the back ups tab

On the server side there is a batch file in ConanSandbox/Saved/ that is named ServerCleanup.bat.

This batch file targets the game.db, and then deletes buildings, building_instances, buildable_health, and static_buildables.

It also deletes non-feat data and non-character data, thus cleaning out everything except the characters themselves.

Perhaps your inexperienced admin accidentally doubleclicked this batch file and ran it without realizing it.

Even that is highly improbable, because that batch-file is not visible on G-Portal’s server administration page. And our admin used that page only, until he was forced to get a FTP-program to get a look at the dates of the savegames (which are not shown with the savegames on G-Portal’s page, unfortunately), which was after our bases vanished.

Is it possible that G-Portal personnel did this accidentally?

Not impossible, but seems unlikely. None of the hosting services I’ve dealt with touch your server beyond restarts or maintenance upgrades.

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