Thanks for an EPIC patch ! (IRONY)

Game mode: BOTH !
Problem: | Bug | Last patch ruined everything !
Region: [Europe]

Everything except a few things here and there has vanished for all players on our server :rage:
Basicly everyone has lost most of their stuff.
I run a rented Gportal-server and this happened with last patch.
Personally i have lost 3 bases, 50 thralls and over 100k of resources in chests thats gone…
I am so angry i will change my rating of this game from top to worst game ever after this…
Over 1 year of bragging to friends how cool the game was, all ruined by 1 patch…
DisableBuildingAbandonment box is checked
I tried every savegame backup the server had(thats 36 savegames) and same issue so it is
def not the savegame itself.

EPIC move guys…


Let me guess, modded server

Seriously people should not be dumb enough to update modded server as soon as the patch come out now, especially after all the ARK play hours

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Seriously, ppl should learn to read before commenting, especially in support forums !


Oh I saw that alright, I simply do not believe it.

If the effect was this big for unmodded servers, it would happen to the official servers and the whole forum would explode.

and…100k resource? since you used admin to get them, you can get them back just as easy

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i play on offcial pve server, and all my stuff is gone…

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Basicly: we had this PvE server for a long time. Only 10 slots and only friends using the server.
We have had mods on it in the start but removed them many months ago, I had mods in my game but those are deactivated since i don’t need em and those should not affect the Gportal server in any way so…

and Lucius: you are aware you can change settings to speed up game in general? IE harvest amount, crafting speed etc so 100k resources can be collected extremely fast if server settings allow it :wink:

Fantastic… once again a patch comes out and 80% of everything on the server goes p0ff and now all the players decided to give the game up…

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Yeah, disappointing as hell and still not even 1 reply from Funcom…

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Well… i have been going through a ton of posts with similar issues and only thing that seems to be logical is that the “purge system” is causing it.
No matter what settings used purges happen even if players are offline or online and anything built can be destroyed no matter what settings used.
This did not use to happen in the start when the system was implemented but i guess this is why my server is down to 2 active players and a ton of angry ppl tired of rebuilding everyday when it is a pure PVE server with decay and structure damage OFF …
So i disabled purge and see if it sorts it.

The purge might well be doing some of it as well as previous issues with the decay system and a few corruptions in the databases caused when servers crash suddenly.

Thankfully, our private server hasn’t suffered to the same extent others have reported here but we have seen small scale incidents.

All very annoying, your friends are better off leaving the game for now until Funcom get round to fixing the game.