Evidence of Third Party hacking software - pc official server 1113


Hello, me and a friend have been loooong time players of Conan exiles and love it! We have however for the first time in our time playing this game have encountered cheaters on the pc server 1113. I want to avoid using the name of the clan in question as I dont want to invoke the naming and shaming rule, but me and my friend are the two most recent players on this server from what I can see.
From the moment we joined we were attacked by this clan, and just one person in general, who for two days running attacked us and destroyed our base in the starting area and told us we “need to leave the server”
This gave off alarm bells and I am all for pvp fun time but trying to bully away new players seems very anti funcom community to me. After a few days of being raided no matter where we moved to, I became suspicious so I did the following plan:

I spent a day creating several basic bases, scattered around the map, some in obvious locations and some hidden in veeery obscure places which were out of view. This player was not online the entire day I did this. When I logged in 20 minutes past raid time, this person had raided and destroyed ALL but one structure, which was clustered with a few others so I assume they ran out of bombs. How does a player in 20 minutes locate ALL 8 bases (keep in mind three of these were well hidden) and destroy them all single handedly, in 20 minutes? I know there is third party software out there which allows players to use speed boosting an item/building tracking down to the coordinates . With this players actions, the log in times, and the destruction in a short time I feel this is worth investigating asap as by the lack of players on the server clearly they have been using these exploits to bully players off the server.

Without prior knowledge of building locations this person logs in, and heads to every base and destroys them in mere minutes. Something isnt right here.

“you need to leave the server, dont cry” doesnt sound like someone whi a sense of community in their heart Please funcom take this seriously, and if you need names or more details please contact me dirrectly.


Also if this is dealt with and the problem is resolved is there a way we could be notified please as we dont want to invest time into the game if it will be exploited at 5pm tomorrow :frowning: we REALLY wanna use all the awesome stuff in the latest dlc!

You should gather evidence and submit a report for review. If there is no evidence, there is nothing to report.

If the devs check the log in times based on what i have provided, paired with the destruction that will be evidence enough. from not being online all day to logging in at raid time and homing in on the exact locations of every base that was created the night before should raise alarm bells for anyone.


Have you asked them to? They don’t spot check every single event log of every single server. DM hugo with your findings if you want results.

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Here you can find how to reach them instead:


That’s not how it works.

If you are making an accusation, you must provide the evidence.

If there is no evidence presented to them, they will not check anything. You must put in the effort to make a solid case. Being outraged is not enough.

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