Hacking and what to do about it

SO how do you tell if a player is hacking. Wether it’s duping items, teleporting randomly without the assist of magic and dumping bombs like they are hot cakes?

Curious this is going on in a server I’m in and I want to know if theres a way to tell via the event logs. Any help would be nice and greatly appreciated.

Sounds like you have a loony Admin. Is this a private server? Battle eye enabled?

Playing with exploits is not hacking. How do you tell if the player is using exploits?

You become familiar with what is possible and what is not possible in the game.

There are many times where people get accused of cheating when they are not. For example, someone may have a wall that they think people can’t get over. But, if you stand on a thrall or a horse, you might be able to double jump over it. That is not a hack or an exploit, it’s simply clever. Another one being a new name on the server, already level 60, whom is raiding big bases on day one. That may be someone whom has body vaulted, logged back onto the server after being away for some number of months with a bunch of raid materials ready to go.

Exploits. Unfortunately, you have to know the exploits to recognize their signatures. Then you report them. May take as many as two weeks or more for the person to get banned. And, for the most part reporting someone does not prevent them from doing irreparable harm to servers before they get banned. i.e. Bomb dupers are currently wiping servers before they get banned. Just happened to mine, server pop is like 2 now and the dupers are still on it.

Cheaters: These tend to be a lot more obvious. Your entire base is looted without a single door blown in. Speed hackers/Lag switcher: you get killed before even seeing someone or from a distance by a melee weapon.

Unfortunately, the same cheaters that existed two years ago still exist on public servers today. They have not been VAC banned and every time they get banned they buy new accounts. There are numerous disgruntled conan players ready to sell their used game keys on public sites at cheap prices.

The best thing to do about cheats and exploits is to not play on a public server. I have over 3500 hours in the game. And, not once did I play on a server where there were not cheaters or exploiters. So, the best thing is a private server with a dedicated admin. The admins whom have been around for a while know the cheaters. They have lists of them and their ip addresses and the cheaters tend to be blocked from the servers. And, if they do get in, get quickly kicked out. Some admins will refund the damages. Wish conan did that for the public servers. But, their customer support when reporting these type of things generally has always been too late and after the cheaters have already largely destroyed the population of a server.

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