Executioners Blade/Axe, Act of Violence and Doom Hammer

These weapons really intrigued me and bring an interesting concept to the game, but with the last nerds they got, are pretty much pointless now. In the PVP world, everyone uses the same meta, hammers, spears, yogs touch. That’s about it.

I think a change to these weapons could bring an interesting addition to the game. As well as open up the world for additional features.

Mark critical hits do a 1.25x or 1.5x damage with say a 5% chance on hit. That’s 5 out of 100 hits. I dont think that unrealistic. It’s the chance to turn the battle rather then one shot people.

For executioners blade/axe. Give it a damage of say 40… 45 and have a .5% chance to instant kill on hits, with the chance increasing slightly as their health decreases, or maybe a flat 1 or 2% if paired with the executioners hoods

You can make certain monsters immune to instant kill, assuming undead would be immune because they are already dead.

Often times I feel the company swings the pendulum too hard to one side when the community crys out on a new feature. It just needs to be balanced abit rather then nerfed completely. Look at the sword of crom and predatory blade. Those are amazing weapons with huge upsides, as well as big detriments.

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If you are in high grade flawless 1 hit kills should never be a thing.

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