Executioner's Entrance 2.4

My latest trip to the Executioner’s Entrance since 2.4 hit testlive.

It was quite frustrating. My thrall had a difficult time navigating the cave. She got stuck on stalagmites often. Fortunately, I was able to guide her through the cave by commanding her incrementally where to go.

Also, during combat she actually disappeared twice. One second she was fighting a skeleton mob or the Brute. The next second, “Poof!” She was gone.

The Brute got stuck on a stalagmite type of terrain and I thought it was going to teleport into the ceiling like the King’s Niche boss and the Skittering Cavern’s spider boss. Fortunately, the Brute was able to free itself so this bug did not occur.

I play SP, Exiled Lands with no mods.

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