Executioner's Entrance

The last few times I’ve been to the Executioner’s Entrance I’ve noticed new enemy AI behavior. It used to be that I could kite some of the skeletons away from the main group and whittle the numbers down before having to deal with the Brute. Now once one skeleton is alerted all, except for 2 archers and 1 swordsman, are also alerted. This makes the fight more exciting and potentially more deadly/dangerous.

Thanks for the change Funcom!

p.s. the Brute has gotten stuck on a stalagmite and entered into health regen mode once. This made it impossible the kill. It could have been a lack of computer resources issues as I had been playing for a while. Also I left the cave area to try and reset things and came back to a cave with visual graphic glitches. Parts of the terrain were missing. It was like I could see through them and into another area. When I entered the cave I was teleported back to the starting point of the game. Weird stuff.

This was SP with no mods. Also before the latest patch.

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