Exile, Exist or live. It is your choice

Exile, you can choose to exist and make fine fodder for the worms or you can choose to break the mold that made you and live beyond the petty expectations placed on you.

This is a small Player versus Environment with Conflict, role playing server for the time being which has a long term detailed plan for development, combat, commerce, and a rich story line constantly updating and unfolding that would excite the imagination of any player wishing to step off to long forgotten lands.

If you are an exile that was wounded and betrayed by your exile. If you wonder the exiled lands with a fire in your heart but no purpose to speed your feet. If you wish to carve out your name in the stars that shine above your head at night. Then find your purpose and it will lead you to Perdita Exsilium. Here you will find rich untamed lands where you can callus your hands and feet to the levels or thick leather while you build your castle. Once you have your castle begin swinging your steel or your mind to bend the very laws of nature to your will in effort to resolve the scars left by your exile.

Whether you seek fame, glory, fortune, honor, or your enemies broken before your feet I have need of you in these waste lands. Prove yourself and elevate your position to a Lord on the Council or serve in the court of the council.

What I offer you is waste land events. Some will test your metal. Some will test your mind. All will push your limits. Some of you will progress to the point that you are tasked with a quest from the council of epic proportion. Once complete your quest it will be shared by the herald of time for all to hear. Nothing given all must be earned. If you are looking for a land to call home where the grass is always greener, look elsewhere. These lands are untamed and harsh for those just starting out. You will earn every block of stone and scrap of metal put to use. There are times of truce and times of blood shed. Become stronger for it and seek your end to means. Comic panels on the Community board to separate information from the story line. Simple laws of land to be followed. All with a just and easily explained reason should you ask. Everyone is subject to the laws to include the council themselves. The ability to develope as an exile. If you wish to adventure, barter, trade, or strike from the shadows there are ways to achieve your paths here. You can do this on your own or seek the companionship of your clan mates.

Exile are your satisfied with just existing or do you want to live such a life that the stars themselves reflect your story. Join me in my waste lands. Become more than the expectations what you were branded with. Give cause for your steel to become unsheathed once more and we will create an empire that shadows any tainted glory of distant lands.

Great ideals I’d love to be apart of, being that I run a clan of two and would like to find a community with the same goals and vision. Are you still accepting people? We all have discord and are willing to join and be apart of this world you speak of? That’s if you are appecpting people still.

It is open if you want to join
Perdita Exsilium PSN community page with same name