Exile names: tiers (very minor)

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

Exile names display tiers in a mix of uppercase and lowercase in Sinner’s Refuge.
For example, “Stygian Exile Ii” and “Kush ite Exile IiI” (forum won’t allow me to post the name as it is…)
It’s always the second I that is lowercase.
I am unsure if it happens elsewhere, I haven’t explored many places.

  1. Enter Sinner’s Refuge
  2. Fight any exile above T1, getting close enough that the name displays above their head.

what language your client and serverhost is set to ?

didn’t go Sinner’s the last few days, but don’t remember that. After it’s realy a minor issue i mean.
But i can imagine that maybe language may have to do with it. Worth a trial, no ?

I find this type of thrall designation as well in some locations. The one that I usually see it at is on the two NPCs that spawn at Mitra’s Serenity camp either side of the alter (not the Mitra priests)
I play on an official Oceanic PvE server.

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