Exiles forum revamp

I’m not entirely sure that’s possible, but I don’t know enough to say it’s impossible. There’s also the matter of how the info is communicated because there’s a lot of servers and listing them all would make for a huge page.

We do have an internal server status list we can look at, so such a thing does sorta exist on our end.

Worth considering, thanks for the suggestion!

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A post was split to a new topic: Is siptah really coming out thursday?

Maybe just a server down list. That would help players know Funcom is aware…even a status of gportal vs Funcom issue.

As requested by a few folks, moved the General section to the front (top for mobile). Should make News more easily accessible.

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And yeah, this was kind of the angle I was thinking. This is not a promise that this will be implemented, but it’s something I’ll inquire about and look into.


xpost from main changelog but added a floating ‘New Topic’ button for mobile users that stays with you as you scroll through a category.



Update on this: Discourse, our forum provider, is looking into addressing this in the near future. Will probably only be for desktop since space is at a premium for mobile users, but hopefully this should be added soon.


Duuuuude! :smiley:

I honestly didn’t expect much to come from that complaint and I certainly didn’t think you guys would go upstream to Discourse devs. Thanks! :grin:


I think it’s an important bit of usability feedback, but we needed Discourse to help us out with this. For what it’s worth, and certainly not trying to diminish your pointing it out, but some others in our other game communities (specifically Secret World Legends’ players) had brought up the same issue. I agree with you all, so we wanted to push for it. Thanks for the feedback :smiley:

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Update is live, breadcrumb extended for sub-subcategories on desktop:



It works! Thank you so much! :heart: :metal:


I like the new layout, but on mobile, it just kills my browser. No matter which browser i use. Opera mini, Chrome, Samsung Internet, ABP browser ( regular & Beta). I know, that andoid has terrible memory management, but the page shouldn’t use up to 1GB RAM.
I think, it’s because of the scripts that are used on the forum, that don’t get cleared after they’ve done their job.

Like I’ve said, the layout is great. The scripts are not…

Hmm, interesting to hear. I use an older Pixel 2 XL with Chrome and I haven’t noticed anything too bad. It’s occasionally choppy compared to some other Discourse sites I’ve seen, which I’ll inquire about, but it hasn’t killed the browser.

My browser gets extremly slowand it crashes after viewing a few pages here. Kinda weird…

I have live notification off, and it helps greatly on PS4 browser (which is on low end)

The Auto Scrolling is abit of pain when topics go past certain amount…

Scrolling is completely broken. Also when i try to reply or post a new thread here, it takes minutes to type anything. Took me about two minutes for this reply alone. Sometimes, it just wont work at all.
Also, the autosave for replys is to often. It saves every 5 seconds, which slows down typing to a stand still…

I’ll inquire with Discourse to see if there’s anything I can do about performance issues for lower-end hardware. The custom CSS or images on this site could probably be cleaned up or optimized, but I’m not sure it’ll completely solve the issue you’re having.

I’ve personally never run into autosaving causing issues with typing out a message, but it’s something I can bring up to our provider. What’s the model of phone you’re using and what are its specs?

Samsung galaxy A5 (2017)
[OS] Android 8.0 (Oreo)
[Chipset] Exynos 7880 (14 nm)
[CPU] Octa-core 1.9 GHz Cortex-A53
[GPU] Mali-T830MP3
[Memory] 64GB Internal, 128GB mSD, 3GB RAM
eMMC 5.1
Latest updates installed

I am able to run games like ARK on this phone without any problems.

…it took me 10 minutes to post this message…

works fine on my shaysung J6

How’s your connection though and are you sure you’re not slowed up by your provider once your data allotment is used up?
I only use my iPhone X and I’ve had no issues at all.