Experiments in Lunacy PvE+ Oceania PC PvP Mini Games!

Greetings Exiles!

Looking for a super chill and relaxed PvE server? Want to try your hand at some Hunger Games style PvP? Bring your friends over to the EiL PvE+ server!

Server Details:
:globe_with_meridians:Server hosted in Sydney by g-portal
:crossed_swords:Fully Automatic Hunger Games PvP Arena!
:dart:Dozens of new custom armor, weapons and tools!
:muscle:Boosted Harvest, Crafting and Taming.
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:Friendly, Active, and Mature admin.
:facepunch:Public Marketplace, with more builds being worked on.
:earth_asia:Daily login rewards!
:rainbow:LGBTQIA+ Friendly.
:open_book:RP Welcome but not mandatory.
:love_letter:Admin willing to add mods or change server settings by popular demand.


Mod List:
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Hosav’s Custom UI
Immersive Armor
Shadows of Skeleos
Deco FTW Flora
Thrall War Dungeon Mod

Hope to see ya’ll soon!


Meet Vale Mora, Queen of Gold. Vale is rumoured to be one of the wealthiest people anywhere, and will occasionally purchase bulk raw goods from Exiles. She can be found at the market (/warp market)

Update. Server changed to PvE due to popular demand :slight_smile:

Here is the Slave Market at /warp market. This is where exiles can use their hard earn coins to buy slaves and animals. There are even a few rare and exotic thralls for sale…

We are looking for a builder to help in the ongoing construction of certain projects. Builders will be give whatever tools they need, a special rank, and even a in game wage. Must be willing to show examples of previous work.
PM me on discord Ramtex#9055 if interested :slight_smile:

No Isle of Siptah?

Most of the people currently playing with us dont own the DLC, besides, its about to get updated which is likely to cause a wipe.

The official 2.3 announcement said:

“Any player building pieces placed before the release of 2.3 and found within these new protected areas will be impacted once the update is released.”

That does not sound like a wipe, unless of course something goes sout…h…

Yeah I saw the announcement, still, that could change.

Anyway, most of my friends don’t have Siptah.

Also, as someone who enjoys large scale build projects, I much prefer Exiled Lands. Siptah has very limited large flat building spaces.

We are happy on the OG map for now :blush:

AoC Removed.

This is our first of many to come PvP Mini Games, Conan Hunger Games! To start a round, you need 3 players (with empty inventory to keep things fair) to talk to the NPC inside the staging area, then once queued, talk to the NPC again to be teleported into the area. Last man standing with the key talks to the Gate Guardian and is teleported to the Pillar of Champions, were players can spend keys to purchase cool and unique loot! More Mini Games to come :exploding_head:

Now working on a Death Race mini game on the aqueduct. Three players will fight creatures and traps to be the first to reach the finish! Winner takes all! Should be completed soon :slight_smile: