Exploiter Bounty Hunters and Rewards

I had heard The Devs were giving a cash reward for turning in Exploiters and cheaters.
I’m not sure if it is true as I have not verified this but cash is good but I have other ideas that might make for better game play/incentive.

As an example at launch of Conan Exiles some players were able to obtain a recipe for The Atlantean Sword. A really neat sword that looks like the Conan Sword from the first Conan movie. Not just an item you can get in game that I know of.

A real rare of sorts.

I would like to see a recipe(s) awarded for turning in cheaters.

  1. A Player toon impaled on a pike/spear/ lance that can be a deco item that can be stuck in the ground. Imagine the stories of Vlad the Impaler and fields of his trophies striking fear in his enemies as they view their fellow soldiers, loved ones etc impaled on a long pike or stake. How Conan is this?!!

  2. A Player toon nailed to the Tree of Woe or the cross that we all start the game on.

  3. A modifiable Wheel of Pain with nameable toons representing the offenders?

All of these twitching/moaning/crying/wailing (etc) toons should be nameable so it can be directed at the offender and its a deco item so it can have anyone’s name on it for fun.

Gaming Shaming at it’s greatest!

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It’s not exacly that, u get cash for finding and reporting a way to glitch, like a way to undermesh or to exploit a bug, not players useing em… otherwise I’ll be rich lol

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Wait, seriously?
They are paying people that find and report glitches?

Where does one sign up for this program?

Hey there,

Please read these threads:

tldr; an award is only given for reporting game-breaking exploits or key details to fixing them, not exploiters / cheaters.

tldr; among others naming and shaming are against all guidelines and are not tolerated.
This suggestion is unlikely to get implemented for this reason, nor should a naming feature for such a suggestion be exploited if it is added.


I think we have to do it for free if we want the exiles

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