Exploiters on PC Server 1653


A clan on PC Server 1653 is blatantly abusing exploits. They’ve been observed running underwater and clearly have used an exploit that allows them to gain 50 in all stats pre-level 50. They were also using an exploit which allowed them to attack and quickly kill our clanmates underwater using an Acheronian Sickle.

The Steam Users are ******, ********, and *******.

One of our clan members streams on Twitch under the moniker VoxBL. If you view the video from June 11, 2018 you can observe these three players abusing these exploits.

I’ve submitted multiple reports to Steam regarding these players bragging about hacking and selling Steam Accounts as well, but have received zero response or remedy.

This matter needs to be investigated and addressed as it blatantly undermines the integrity of the game, and the ability of others to fairly enjoy a game which they have supported financially.

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If you have not used it now, I would suggest that you use this form

I edit the Names but Devs could still see the Names

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