Exploiters and Griefing

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [America Official PvP 3651]

There is an entire alliance of roughly 15 people that have seemingly endless stamina, they will roll forward, heavy spear, rinse and repeat indefinitely which you cant get away from. In my 40 grit build I can attempt to dodge that maybe 4 times total and I’m out of stamina. These guys do it 6 or 7 times no problem then haul ■■■ immediately afterwards as if 7 stabs and rolls barely put a dent in their stamina. Even in the most ideal setup, grit gear with 50 stamina, black dragon pike and elixir of freedom, I have not been able to reproduce up to 6 stabs and rolls consecutively like they do without being completely out of stamina at 4-5 at most. These guys also wear exclusively light armor, and with my 40 str and an armor pen dragonbone spear, take less damage than they deal to me in flawless epic medium armor hit for hit. And worst of all, they all use some underwater running glitch and stay down there running around shooting arrows at us indefinitely. We have videos to prove it! This game has gone from being a hopeful masterpiece to a complete joke and the exploiting and griefing is near Ark levels. Its unbelievable that this game has an abundance of empty servers instead of just consolidating it to a handful of worthwhile playable servers with populations that CAN be moderated when needed. Hell, Bethesda will come in and ban folks for using exploits and I’m sure that player base dwarfs this one by a longshot.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Play Conan
  2. Pay full price and buy every DLC
  3. Watch server lagging animals get added while major exploits go untouched.
  4. Funcrom profit.

Wow look at this guy. Yeah let’s see you use the Stan glitch. You knock out priest and hide them in bases. Let’s go ahead and start the banning with you. You are server griefers. You brag about killing ten servers. Then when clans stand up to you. Your on forums crying. All you do is offline and pretty sure yesterday you was shooting from the bottom of the water. Player bases would come back if clans like yours would stop griefing. Not everyone can be on 8 hours a day and collect a disability check.


First of all, noone in my clan has ever boasted about killing any servers. Proof or it didnt happen. Second of all, I have not, nor will I ever use an exploit to gain an advantage in any game, ever. Proof or it didnt happen. And most of all, even if I was collecting a disability check, who the hell are you to judge someone if they were? You saying that someone who was a productive member of society to the point of broke their body is less of a human than you? Go back to school you troll.

Troll? I’ve been playing with you for almost a year? Ally and enemy and yes you do exploit. And I have pictures I just can’t post them because I’m new.


lol the “johncena” clan is well known on PS4 servers for using exploits. For example to use a certain exploit to shut off incoming player damage while actively wiping bases with bombs where defenders can do nothing to stop them.
That clan has been recorded and reported by multiple clans for exploiting. Funcom doesn’t seem to care though but thats another topic. and yes, I’ve seen you guys regularly knock out arch priests and keep them in secure rooms to prevent others from getting them. Offline (outside of raid window) raiding is also the norm with that group. Straight up cheesing every way you can and you have the nerve to come on these forums and cry victim getting a taste of your own medicine? GTFO. What are you going to do? Crash the server when you start losing again?


What in the hell are you talking about? The inability to do damage or harvest cannot be “triggered” by anyone you moron. And hiding Archpriests is most definitely not an exploit, bug, or cheat. Its the same kind of preventative tactic used just like the idiots who get on at 1 am landclaim the entire shattered springs to prevent brimstone farming. Hmm wonder who does that though…and again. Everyone says “Has been recorded blah blah blah” but when asked to prove it, cant. I sure as hell can go pull up a slew of tweets I sent out from PS4 clips showing the accusers doing exactly what they keep thinking it is we do to everyone else.

I’ll wait.

Wait for what? Ppl to log off so you can raid them? Or swim in the water until your clan comes to save you? Reset to hide priest? Be more specific.

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I’ll wait for proof. And as far as waiting in water to be “saved” I, and all of my people, are always outnumber at LEAST 4 to 1 when fighting, always have been. I want to fight someone from KingSlayers 1v1? Nope. Gotta chase him to the nearest ob so that his entire clan will be waiting there. 3v3 or 4v4 for a minute near my base? Sike. Here comes another two clans of at least 3 people each, one coming from the ob they were camping the other running up from under the water. Gtfoh with your accusations until you prove me wrong. I can send links on here for hours with all the crap they pull.

Everyone on repeat. I’ve been playing with you for like 9 months. Not an accusation. Camping obs. Wonder which clan we learned that from wink wink. It would be easier to camp them if they weren’t blocked off by the way.

I get it, you’re salty as f but you’re in a clan that sits on a throne made of cheese, exploits and lies. You know exactly what exploit I’m referring to and how your clan knew they couldn’t take any direct damage from pvp but could still bomb and damage other people’s buildings anyways. Not to mention offline raiding etc. etc. How about all them mysterious server crashes too? Look at you here feigning innocence like a pro. Sure, in pvp you can do a lot of things the developers didn’t really intend and I agree its valid to block resources to a point, but you guys straight up use exploits/cheese where ever you can.
So seriously, who are you of all people to cry? Especially when you wiped tribes who could not even damage you or fight back? pretty low but I should expect this from a toxic PVP player base in general.
It’s not up to you or me to decide what happens though, its Funcom and they should have plenty of submissions about you guys by now. But like always, the same reason you guys haven’t been banned is the same reason others in official haven’t been. No Fs are really given, so enjoy the cheese horde that has come to return the favor.

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This thread has devolved to just flaming and accusations.