Funcom, what are you gonna do about players with max attributes and glitched weapons?

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [EU]

PVP official server, we’re getting killed by low level players using pike weapons in 2-3 hits even when we are wearing heavy epic armor.
This is getting ridiculous, Funcom

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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Thought that was fixed on last patch. Is there a new exploit?

there are players making new accounts in same severs as they play and trolling players with there epic gear just let u know

PC - Official Server 1082 - Russian kid( Mow_V2_0) - All +50, Jump glitch - He can jump over 5 foundation up.

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Every time these guys try to raid, all other clans receive major lag spikes, is it even possible to ddos in official servers? Because omg today the game became unplayable as soon as they started raiding, what the hell man…

It wouldn’t really make sense to Lag Bomb a Server for a raid since yourself and your other clan mates on the server would also be impacted. Lag Spiking works better in games with local hosting from my experience.

yes it is anything can happing just record video and sent it in to delv as proof

raided the other day 10 on 10 n got no lag at all

Official server can be ddos’ed. Seen it happen. Been in comms with someone who did it. Also been with that same person as they gave themselfe 50 in all attributes. Sense last patch I have not seen it though.

Unfortunatelly yes. There is a in-game way to DDos any Conan server and is the same way to do It on PC, Xbox 1 and the ps4

There is no more 50 in ALL perks. But DDos is real.