Explosive Jars no longer reset timer

After update 2.3 explosive jars no longer reset other people’s bases. Is anyone else disappointed with this feature?

I know this could have seemed as an exploit to others or “not intended” situation but I found this method very handy because if you were away for a week and couldn’t log in a friend from a different clan could drop a jar and reset your base. Job done, I’ll be able to come back no problem when I’m back and continue to reset my base. But that option is not there anymore due to update 2.3

I just wanted to get other’s views on this really.


I think it’s fine. Jars are not supposed to do that and, as far as I know, didn’t for a long time.


If this is indeed fixed, then it was about time. The only way to reset the decay should be by the owner or a clan member. Enough exploiting.


Agreed bombs should not refresh. Now if thralls would die when they are not refreshed like a base. Not login and leave.


Everyone is right , I cannot say I am disappointed here ,still I have to admit that I use this exploit in the past to save some pve bases . Actually it was for a person who spend 2 weeks in the hospital , or persons who went for holidays in islands :rofl::rofl::rofl: , still it is an exploit ,an error , so it should be fixed :woman_shrugging:t3: . So the best proposition here is to ask from the company to give a proper way for people who has this kind of issues, for example to submit a ticket and take a permission for greater decay timers . It doesn’t have to be for free , I could easily pay an amount to save my game progress and go happily for vacations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


Finally! Yeah, it’s super helpful when you don’t have clanmates and wanna go on vacation. But the biggest use for this was to help banned clans to circumvent the ban. I’m glad they patched that.


When you put it that way that’s true… still though I would prefer at least a 2 week decay timer over 1 week any day…

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Omg ,you are right ,this never crossed my mind . Well done then and good riddance to this exploit . No matter the cost of the loss for some good players , the punishment of the cheaters comes first .


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