Explosives cause no damage during PVP raid time Official server 2588

The core of the PVP loop in your game revolves around PVP and raiding. Firstly, no server time is viewable on XBox right now. I have no idea what time my server revolves around other than America. When I attempt to raid right at 2030 mountain time America… how is this not within the raid window?

Secondly, I spend a week leveling and building to raid a someone and nothing happens. This could have just destroyed my opinion of this game in one step. You must already know how important it is to a PVP junky to have the ability to raid in this type of game. The real problem is there is no clear or easy way to find out if I messed up, you messed up, or you intended on this design to save the sensitives from losing loot. All the cool things you have built in this game can easily get washed away by having a dull non-existent pvp loop.

Explain please.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Make explosive jar
  2. during live raid time on PVP xbx server #2588 Official
  3. Set outside of a players base door (right up against it)
  4. Ignite, watch burn for a bit. fire spreads to upper walls showing I didnt miss
  5. No damage at all

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