Extreme Land claiming server #8036

Many Thanks. it’s all clean. everything gone. super fun com. great work. 100%

Location: 5/E and 5/F


land claiming across multiple quadrants. there is so much claimed. you can hardly walk. new players avoid the server because of that. please check it out come to the server and see for yourself. it’s getting more every day. please help us and new players. You’re welcome

Just report it to zendesk and wait for them to take action, it will be gone :slightly_smiling_face:


Many Thanks​:pray::pray: I have that. I hope something happens. the entire brown valley is closed. everything claimed. I haven’t seen anything like that in 2 years

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No problem :slightly_smiling_face: by the way you may want to delete the clan name from your post since its against the forum rules to put clan names

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