Facial expressions?

I get how reading the title may hurt the devs at first, but please be patient before ramming your heads into some wall.

What about starting off with the all-the-time-depressed/unamused-look on spawning/logging in and then being able to switch the facial expression at any time to whatever else expression? This would be required to be reset on falling unconsious/logging off.
Basically the facial expression would act like any endless emote but be seperate from emotes.
Like having a constant grin or something.
Or all the different animations will be reworked to include facial expressions, which sounds like a pain…

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I can’t decide if running around enslaving and dismembering people with a huge grin on one’s face would be hilarious or terrifying.



Also add moving mouth on voip :slight_smile:


You can’t spell “slaughter” without “laughter” …

Facial expressions, if not overdone, would be nice to have.


@ Kendaric

well… Overdone might be fun too… Refers to

@ Multigun Joker Photo

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Why not to smile when you are being amused by some entertainer? Eating is pleasant too, especially when you’ve been starving to death or freezing in the North.

I would love to see animations for when my character eats or drinks.

How about something to show they’re physically out of breath, to go with the panting sound when out of stamina?

Something to go with the “oof” sound and other noises we make.

This would be cool too. Like in GTA.

Also, npc’s mouths should move when they’re talking to me. I’m having a conversation with Conan, and his face never changes.
It’s very immersion breaking. Everyone looks like a toy with they’re static faces.

Seems like a better use of the animators’ time than new jumping animations nobody asked for.


I’ve actually grown to like the new jumping animations, although I wasn’t fond of them at first.

Facial animation is a lot trickier than jumping around, though. Unless you do it very well, you’ll end up worse than having static expressions all the time. Heard of the rioting when Mass Effect: Andromeda was first released? The facial animators (and people gamers thought were facial animators) were threatened with physical violence by upset nerds.

I agree that having facial expressions would be great (although most of the time I see my character’s butt and not her face), but it’s also a serious project that may be beyond the capacity of the current animation team. I’d rather have the current “Eeyore why bother” face all the time than unnatural expressions that turn the uncanny valley into the Grand Canyon.

I like the new landing animation, but I think it triggers way too easily. I’d prefer it to only happen on landings where you actually take damage.

I kinda like the running jump animation, but I think they should add in a mirror of it to trigger every other time. The fact that you always jump with the same foot forward is a little immersion breaking. It should depend on which foot is currently forward in the running animation when you jump.

I absolutely hate the static jump animation that happens if you’re not moving at all. Looks really dumb.

I hate both of them when they happen during a long fall, such as off a high cliff.

The old matrix style animation looked cool and shouldn’t have been changed in these last 2 instances.

I also feel like I’m getting less height and distance now. Used to be able to clear a wooden fence in 1 jump. Now I always land on top, or on the railing on the side of the fence.

Mass Effect is a totally different situation. That’s an established roleplaying franchise with a known reputation for high quality cutscenes. There was no way Andromeda was getting a pass from fans when it looked worse than Mass Effect 1.

The facial expressions that player characters make in GTA online are pretty uncanny valley, but I’d still prefer that to the static barbie doll faces we have now. Even the 360 version. I don’t mean the cutscenes, just what I can do standing in my apartment. I’m not a programmer, but I think CE could pull off something similar.

I’d love this. Enough of the vaguely angry looking but otherwise blank faced dolls. Let us choose their expression and alter it whenever we like.

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