Bring the old faces back

Hello Funcom, i am glad you tweaked the character’s faces but it would have been better if you also left the old ones available aswell. Not everyone wants his character to be pretty and clean and generic. The old faces had grit, something the new ones don’t have at all. This is Hyboria, leave the pretty pretty to other games. Bring back the ugly along with the pretty princes! :smiley: Please?


I noticed that previously created characters have changed in appearance and I am not happy about it. I also created a new character to see what the new options look like and I agree they seem severely limited in comparison to the old options. I hope this gets changed when they release the final version on 08-May.

Disagree. I personally am enjoying how the new faces have turned out as well as the new facial animations.

What I would like to see, however, is the creation screen face translate a little better to the in-game face. Sometimes it feels like a change in nose shape or eye shape could go either way.

After building ten characters and trying 'em out, I can say that none of them look ‘generic’ or ‘pretty’, but I suppose that’s a matter of taste.

There is no option for RED hair, which there used to be prior to the update. There are a lot of changes which actually made for fewer choices.

Taken post-patch. It’s still red, just perhaps not so red because there is no hair shine anymore?

To me that looks more like auburn color hair. Previously it was a true red or at least more red.

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Agreed, that’s not Vanir red at all.

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Could we have a word from one of the devs if the return of the original faces is a possibility? Witchingbones did a fantastic job on them, it would be such a shame to see them gone forever…Does the change has to do with esthetics only or is it a decision based on the need for a new rig for facial animations?

I like the new faces. The old versions were putting off really. Let’s not make an andromeda out of this please?

What do you mean “Andromeda” ? And what’s wrong with having both “styles” of faces?

By andromeda I mean Mass Effect : Andromeda.
Nothing wrong with having both. But if I were to choose between them I prefer the new one.

Understood, but the title of the thread is “Bring the old faces back” not “Which faces you prefer”. I’m not asking to take away your preference, i’m asking to bring mine back.

I can read the title as “revert to what is was before”.

I would have typed it that way if that was the case.

I just don’t see them spending all this time and money toward these new facial expressions just to revert to older, arguably deadpan faces.

I can see this as a step forward to making unique facial expression for many of the emotes.

IF that was the reason for the change, i’d be ok with it. Sadly, we don’t know for sure since no one in Funcom gives an answer.

In the Live build, if you clip the camera through your face, you can see teeth and a tongue. Why bother putting that in if you’re not going to use it?

I did like the older face models much better as my current Vanir (using face model 1) looks so paranoid all the time, was thinking it might be the facial animations that could be making her look awkward. Would be a happy barbarian if the old face models was animated.

Most people like to make characters with nice faces, pretty simple.

And again, nothing wrong with that. Now that “most people” have their option, can i also get mine back? :smiley: