Quality of Life/Immersion Request - Blinking Eyes

Title says it all, adding an eye blink to the characters/npc’s would add immersion and a greater sense of attachment to a character.

I’ve seen other Unreal Engine games with this feature, so technically possible albeit not a major priority - just something to maybe think about adding further down the roadmap?


I saw a Reddit post about this topic. Basically whenever you blink in real life is when your character blinks too.

Hits bong


There was a video that Funcom put out a few weeks back that mentioned facial animations. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they said it was very low on their priority list.

Adding a proper turning animation for Z-Axis Rotation would also improve immersion. Currently our third person avatars just gyrate like mannequins on swivels. Adding rotation animations for both combat, non-combat, emotes etc will help to pull CE out of the 1990’s retro-feel.

Yeah, I think it related to doing some facial rigging for the opening cinematic.