Failed Saving Out of Disc Space

I get this error message “Failed Saving out of disc space”, despite having around 100Gb free(according to settings menu on the PS4). This started to occur later in the game. Saving worked fine before.

I just got this same error this weekend. And what’s worse, every time I try to save now it seems to remove one of my save games. So now I have no save games left and I can’t save my game due to this error. I think I’m pretty close to the end, this started happening in The Forbidden City. Hopefully this doesn’t stop me from finishing the game.


Not sure but it sounds like a similar problem that’s common on PS4 for Fallout 4 players who use Creation Club.

Might be a Cache problem or something to do with the PS4 architecture.

You could try a Reinstall Database and unplugging your PS4 when not in use.

Any fix to your issue. I have this problem and it’s near the end of the game.

Well Bethesda haven’t fixed it for Fallout 4 and they’re a larger company. They seem to feel it’s Sony to blame. Not terribly useful to those of us who purchased in good faith.

Have you tried the steps I suggested which can assist with their game?

So you’re saying to reinstall the database on the PS4? It’s weird how I wasn’t having this problem all game and now it happens near the end. Totally ruined my playthrough. Hesitant to even try another run.

The equivalent measures for Fallout 4 are more extreme.

It only crops up once you’ve accumulated a certain amount of save file in the directory, I guess.

I did a rebuild database and problem is still occurring. Game is unplayable now

Oh well. Worth a shot.

Near the end of the game. Game says file disc full error and I can’t save the game. I tried everything I can think of and still gives me error.

Getting disc full error, so can’t save game. Any updates coming out to fix this on PS4?

Could you try to find the full error and post it here? Any details on what you were doing before the error?

Just in case, have you read the System Requirements post in the General Discussions? The game may take more disk space than asked for on the box if that isn’t mentioned btw.

Hey there @Mechobase and @brockoli

Is this is issue still happening to you?