Freeze and problem backup

Hello community,
I have a little problem, when I return to the main menu the game freeze and the save does not work. I noticed that the loading of the list of thrall as well as the indicator of the number of construction pieces available in the clan menu could not be displayed or could take a lot of time.
it would seem that it is necessary to wait, if possible, for the display of information before leaving the game for validating the save. Do you have information about this?
Bug ? Or I have a problem on my hard drive of my ps4?


Single player or online?


Single :ok_hand:

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Just for clarification, about how many owned pieces do you have?
Also, how much space to spare do you have on the PS4’s drive?

This one has somewhat similar issues.
Two things that helped were an external SSD drive for additional space and a thorough cleaning of the PS4.
Does your PS4 sound like an aircraft attempting to take off while playing?

Performance on the PS4 tends to collapse as the system overheats or as available memory decreases.

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I have restart à New game and I have 8000 piece

I’ve 126 go free on m’y ps4 drive

No my fan is normale, i’ve no problème of temperature, I clean it often

For the moment my feeling tells me either registry problem, or more serious, defective sector, possible associated with the game bug

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Based on what has been mentioned, unless other games are having problems, it may require a rip and rebuild of the game. If you do take that route (and save it as the absolute last resort, hopefully someone else has a suggestion) then uninstall and delete then start again. Reserve a day or two for the whole process…

Is it possible to defragment the disk using a linux or windows pc?

But i confirm that before leaving the game to avoid the freeze and validate the save I must open the menu and wait for the loading of the list of thrall

That is a touch beyound this one’s expertise.

You can reconstruct the database on ps4 that basically is just a fancy name for defragmenting it.
Turn ps4 off, unplug it from the power cord for a few minutes (cleans the cache), plug back on, press and HOLD the power button for 7 secs (until it sounds the second beep). Plug a controller with the usb cord, see the options on the menu and choose rebuild database. Then wait. Usually this only takes a few minutes.
It may help with performance issues, but I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if I were you…


Well, I had a medical examination for work yesterday, according to the doctor, I am blessed by the gods, well it is only his opinion, but I tend to validate it… And your sharing of knowledge to help me solve my problem seems to work for the moment, so thank you. If one day during my human journey I come to meet one of these gods who brought me this blessing, I will not fail to talk about you :+1::yum::sweat_smile:


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