"Failed to join game" with EVERY server

Game mode: Online Official/Unofficial/Private
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: Any
Region: Americas

Simply, occasionally, whenever i try to connect to ANY server, it says “Failed to join game.” This goes on for long periods of time, even hours. Sometimes it lets me connect for a few minutes, other times a few hours, but every time I’ve tried to get back on and play some more, it’s denied me any server.

I honestly don’t know why this is happening. It doesn’t seem to be a connection issue, as I’ve disabled anything and everything that could be doing this. I’ve updated windows, disabled all my other network adapters, disabled my firewall, disabled windows defender, run in admin mode, tried connecting to non-battleye servers (they also don’t work during this time), tried running off a proxy in case it was a region thing (still didn’t work), changed steam server, tried connecting to a different region, tried verifying game cache, reinstalling the game, reinstalling battleye…

The only other thing I could think that is causing this is something to do with the game itself, and nothing to do with my connection. I just picked up this game, and it’s really sad that I can’t play it more because I can’t join ANY servers half the time.

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