Failed to join requested game July19

I cannot join any server (both official and non). Every server that I attempted to join causes the following error:

Failed to join requested game.

i reestart pc, relog steam but i cant connect.

i look other old post same as it, but without official answer

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Taking as granted it is not your connection or that you could have some technical issue:

a) Verify the Game Integrity: Via Steam, right-click on Conan Exiles and choose Properties. Go to the Local Files tab and click the bottom option ‘Verify…’ This will take a while. Go make something to drink and be patient.
b) Go into Conan Exiles and go into a Solo game. If all works okay, then you know thtat the game works.
c) Exit the game and go back in and this time choose Online. I would choose a completely different Server, in your area and without mods and go in there.

That should work If you know any players on the server you are usually on, check if they can get in. (easy to see: is anyone showing in that server)

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Hey @Fastorro

Did your issue subside over the weekend or by following @Grymm’s suggestions?

Finally i did resolve the problem after reset the router.

Ty by you att


Thanks for the confirmation @Fastorro and glad to hear your issue was fixed.

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