Failed to retrieve suspension information?

Anybody know how I can get answers? I know we haven’t broken any of the obvious rules, so what gives? I’m not claiming we didn’t do it but I’d at least like a reason.

Hello @MrsMisfit ,

please use the Zendesk Form to apeal a Ban.


I do understand Zendesk is the palce to file an appeal but the OP is asking the same question most ask

“What did I do wrong”. Simple question that rarely gets answered.


Yes. We have used side accounts to check on all bases in the officials we play in, and all are still standing. So it doesn’t seem to be a building infraction. We are at a loss as to what else it could be.

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Unfortunately the only way to get further in your impossible quest for an explanation is to submit an “appeal a ban” request through Zendesk.

Make sure to be clear in your request and provide a screenshot of the in game message.

Get ready for weeks of waiting for a response and getting an auto that they’re experiencing higher than usual volumes of tickets and hope the situation has resolved itself…

Reply to it and you’ll get a response in 3 days to a week that usually does not explain anything.

Ya. Ya. I know.

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When customer service becomes a meme.

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