Failure to creating clan

  • Game mode Official server #1087
  • Game type PvP

I want to create a clan with my friend. I wrote a name as “Şirin köyü” for my clan. When updating owner things i lost connection to the server and my friend also lost connection to . I gues server couldn’t handle to change owner things. it could be too much. we coudnt reconnect to server like 5 minutes. When i join server again i wasn’t in the clan so i try to create clan again but this time i coudnt use name as " Şirin köyü" for my clan because it says its already taken for another clan i tried to get out the door but i coudnt use it cause i wasn’t owner anymore its belongs “Şirin köyü” and i am not in the clan. Now i am stcuk in my own building.

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