Fall damage is ridiculous

Can you please for the love of God, either fix the elevators (people keep falling through them. No matter the distance even if there staying still) or the new or Bugged fall damage. I’ve had five deaths on my elevator… the first two were funny but…still.

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I’ve noticed I’m chewing through more stamina and taking more fall damage pre patch, not sure why


The fall damage is not bugged, it is actually fixed.


A small hop takes away 15% of my health with and without cat like falling. That shouldn’t be happening.

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kind of an overcompensation this “fix”.

i actually like it, i hope it stays like this :^)


I like this fall damage to, was to op before this patch, i jumped from highest mountain and only lost 15-20 % of my health. Now you need to play more careful and use the mecanic of climbing.


I can’t be 100% sure, but I think there is no overcompensation at all. Fall damage is exactly as it was before the second to last major update, where a loose end allowed armor to mitigate some forms of damage it shouldn’t, such as fall damage (and I think hunger and thirst, too). Before this fix, you received the same amount of damage as you’re receiving now if you fell from a considerable height while naked.

I think there are two issues here: the first is clearly a bug (elevator floor collision failing, cat-like perk not correctly reducing fall damage), and the second is more open to discussion since it’s about whether intended fall damage should have been looked at while they were fixing it.

I’m all for fall damage, but I’m with OP here, this is ridiculous…

Having several death because of fall damage inside my base because of rubber banding on an official pve server with 5-8 players on daily just doesn’t seem right.
Having lost 3 high level thralls, one going right through the floor in a room overhanging a cliff, losing another when teleporting to sinkhole and the third dying following me while climbing down a cliff side in jungle where I didn’t lose a single health point??

I’m sorry Narelle, but if this is called fixing fall damage then I rather want the broken fall damage we have had for several months before the latest patch.


I honestly just want it fixed for the thralls, while we may cling to walls and find ways to mitigate the damage from falling, our thralls are not as smart and just teleport and die constantly.

Could care less if it’s fixed for us, but please fix it for thralls.

Hey there,

We’ll send this feedback to our team for their consideration.
Thanks for the heads-up.


this is what the fall damage used to be like before w/e patch made it so you took almost zero fall dmg. new frogs.

Yes it’s a perception issue. People are not used to real fall damage… but so aren’t your followers. Also normal (not bugged) fall damage is neat, if you have working AI and elevators. As it stands your followers can trap you or even push you off a cliff. Last time I used an elevator it LOOKED like I went down but when I left the elevator the game server “rubberbanded” me back up and I “walked” out into the air falling to my death.

The problem is: stupid thralls falling to their death without any reason.

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