Fall damage and the problem with it

Yet another Thrall fell through the floor ground when I was farming Brimstone in Shattered Spring, not in the water but on dry land. That was on my best Thrall, with the best gear I got.
I don’t see why you can implement the fall-damage when a lot of bugs like this still exist.
I’m old enough to remember when you did try to implement fall-damage in Anarchy Online, and it failed hard, so you removed it again, granted the games are not comparable, but It gets me to wonder that the programming-skills have not improved a lot in the company over the years.
Do not implement something, when the grounds for it is bugged!

Btw, not all rage good job on the AI, a big improvement!


I almost died a slave for this reason, I have left 103 of life, the last update is terrible.

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need to be careful teleporting to the sinkhole as well my thrall appeared below the ground. then fell into the area with the undead dragon and died. the fall did over 15k health

Mines spawn inside base and die she was best thrall :cry: rip Sonja

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